Soal dan Jawaban OSK Astronomi SMA 2012

Soal Olimpiade Sains Nasional Astonomi
Tingkat Kota/Kabupaten
tahun 2012
-- soal dan jawaban OSK Astronomi SMA 2012 --


1. The farthest South that an observer on the Earth can see Polaris is

A. Arctic Circle
B. Antarctic Circle
C. Equator
D. the Tropic of Cancer
E. the Tropic of Capricorn

2. Which of the following statements show that the Einstein relativistic theory is correct?

1. The star behind the Sun is observable during Total Solar Eclipse
2. The short lived cosmic ray which is created in upper atmosphere can be observed in larger amount than expected
3. The orbit of Mercury differ from the prediction by Newton law but fit with the Einstein relativistic prediction
4. Comet size is larger when it approach the Sun 


A. If 1, 2, and 3 correct
B. If 1 and 3 correct
C. If 2 and 4 correct
D. If only 4 correct
E. If all answer are correct

3. Of the seven other planets, the one that encounter the closest to the Earth is

A. Mars
B. Venus
C. Mercury
D. Jupiter
E. Saturn

4. If Mars crosses an observer’s meridian at local midnight, then it is at

A. Aphelion
B. Western quadrature
C. Eastern quadrature
D. Conjunction
E. Opposition

5. The general theory of stellar evolution indicates that

A. the Sun will change to a pulsating star within about one million years
B. the Sun will have its present size and brightness for about 4.5 billion years
C. the Sun’s brightness will decrease at the rate of about one percent per year during the next 100 years
D. the Sun’s brightness will increase by about one percent per year during the next 100 years
E. the Sun will explode as a Supernova on its death

6. Momentum sudut revolusi Bumi mengelilingi Matahari :

1. Arahnya membentuk sudut 23,5ยบ dengan momentum sudut rotasi Bumi
2. Tetap meskipun jarak Bumi – Matahari berubah-ubah karena orbit Bumi yang elips
3. Lebih besar daripada momentum sudut rotasi Bumi
4. Berlawanan arah dengan momentum sudut revolusi Mars. 

Untuk soal di atas, pilihlah

A. Jika 1,2 dan 3 benar
B. Jika 1 dan 3 benar
C. Jika 2 dan 4 benar
D. Jika 4 saja benar
E. Jika semua benar

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